American DJ Flash Panel 16

American DJ Flash Panel 16
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светодиодная панель

The Flash Panel 16 is an affordable LED panel that can be controlled via DMX or via the optional CF card controller (Model: FP CFC). Multiple panels can be linked together to make one large screen. Dynamic effects can then be played on it, which makes this system ideal for DJ's and night clubs. Each panel has 16 RGB pixels, each of which can be individually controlled via any universal DMX512 controller. The panel also features 3 pin XLR, DMX input / output connectors and standard IEC connectors to link panels to each other. There are also stand dip switches on the rear of the panel for DMX addressing and stand alone operation.


• 16 total RGB pixels (4x4)
• Size: 9.8"x9.8"x1.85" (250x250x47mm) (LxWxH)
• Weight: 3lbs. (1.4kg)
• Power input: 120VAC/60HZ
• Power Draw: 6W max.
• LED's: 16pcs. 0.164W (3 in one)
• Resolution: 16 pixels per meter
• DMX connectors: 3 pin, female XLR and 3 pin, male XL
• 48 DMX channels per panel
• Includes white diffusion cover
• Recommended software control systems: MADRIX NEO, American DJ MyDMX or Elation Compu Live or Compu Show (sold separately from American DJ or Elation Professional)

PLEASE NOTE: Each panel is sold separately. Multiple panels and a control system are required to obtain results like the photos and video shown on this web page.

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